” Favourite MUSIC INSTRUMENT?” -Which Magic touches your soul?


I shared about the core of producing music in the last blog. I was glad to know that, inspite of us living in different countries, All of us as a musician has a same core in us that drive us towards one simple thing “LIVING MUSIC OF OUR LIFE” and that is we all are born to create music, and it is an extension of ourselves.

I would like to talk about just not the instrument we have picked to take on our journey, but also That one magic (instrument) that touches our soul.

Talking about me myself, this might seem to come as a surprise! But i have Graduated in North Hindustani Classical Vocal Music. (Graduated – Sangeet Visharat ) I began learning at a very young age. And MUSIC entered my life.

The first instrument i earned in my life was harmonium. It was an ancestral property of my grand father which was inherited by me. Because I was the only one in my whole family to get this far in music. This instrument would be more than 200 years old. And i have still kept it. Post that i began learning and came across my life long companion you see in the pic- Tanpura. I was sooooo happy, the day i got this back home. My sir, Guruji Shri Divyang Bhai Thakore taught me to tune all the four strings, and even get that resonance by adjusting the string “jwari”. I began replacing my strings on my own and cant explain the trance, while i use to play and rehearse. Next i remember about instruments was the tabla, that i learnt a bit as it was one of my paper in my class as we had to choose one instrument to learn apart from vocals. Next was the keyboard – YAMAHA PSR I425 .

So i did come across just a few of those indian instruments. Yes i did know about the “manjiras” percussion -metal ,tabla dholak, mrudung, that we use to play during bhajan kirtan , when i was a kid.

And after that i came across, guitars, piano,drums, octapads, sitar, flutes, violin, mandolin,tabla , dholak, and various other percussions during music performances.

If i have to choose one of that music instrument , it could be so so difficult. Am a composer, arranger, and a song writer, and that also i produce music by midi and almost all instruments play a fair role in my compositions and arrangements, coz i am not a pianist, or a guitarist whose music shall be influenced by that instrument they play. So fair! If i have to choose which instrument would touch my soul?, I think i shall say guitars. Acoustic guitars touches my soul. As a kid i was fond of sitar,But then i like piano too. And then i like flute too. My sir use to play flute. And he had a varied collection of flutes with him.

Its difficult to say about my favourite one! I have an arrangement where i have programmed sitar in music. I do have an arrangement where i have flute. Guitars. I do have one piece, that is close to my heart , i got the sound i wanted for it. So i wonder seriously which one could be my favourite. Am not a musician who picks up one instrument and plays. So its difficult to choose one. I have loved piano too.

I think in general string instruments touches my soul a lot. It could be coz of the frequencies produced by them, that make me connect back to my Tanpura ( four string instrument) which i use to play while rehearsing. But acoustic guitar touches my soul and so does a flute. I have this difficulty choosing between the guitar, flute and piano. I do love my synthesiser a lot, but then still an acoustic sound touches my soul more than a synthesised sound, which is why i say guitar or piano.

Have always been fond of the unique sonal quality of every instrument. I have explored a new world with them. And i love to be there.

The instrument that would touch my soul would be a piano or an acoustic guitar.

So which is your favourite instrument? Which was the first instrument you picked up? How? Which is the magic(instrument) you think touches your soul?


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