Origin of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa……!!!


Origin of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa……!!!


While there have been different approaches that explains the origin of Music(Sangeet) in indian history, few going by the mythology, few by the psychoanalytic approach of Sigmund Freud and James Long,  and much more written in epics as well.

But since there have been conflicts about declaring that one fact, all the stems have been accepted and not just one is universally declared to be the sole fact for the origin of music in India.

While I just came across one of my old book of theory of Music called Sangeet Visharad – by Vasant , I came across this amazing fact, that again becomes a part of those varied explanations for the Origin of Music.  And since its really really interesting,I thought of sharing it with you all.

  • While all of you must be very well versed with the names of seven notes(swara by indian terminology), the basic key elements of Indian Classical Music, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa( I shall write the full names of these notes below), You will find it amazing to read one of those explanations that says, how these were found!
  • The Writer of “Sangeet Darpan” – Shri Damodar Pandit had an opinion, that Music was originated by Brahma, who created Vedas in India. He emphasized on “Margi Sangeet”, saying that, Bharat Muni experimented this form of Music in front of Lord Shiva(Mahadev),and that Margi Sangeet  frees one’s soul.
  • According to this analysis, many have supported this, as this was even discussed in other approaches as well, that discussed the origin of Music.  Taking this explanation further,  Shri Pandit, explained the origin of seven notes of Indian musical scale, from the animal kingdom. And believe me you will be surprised to read where they originated from.


Swar          Full Name                            Origin

Sa            Shadaj                                   Bird Peacock

Re           Rishabh                                Chatak (Indian name)Bird, Jacobin Cuckoo

Ga           Gandhar                               Animal Goat

Ma          Madhyam                            Bird Crow

Pa           Pancham                              koel (Indian name) Bird , again one of the

Asian cuckoos(cuculiformes)

Dha        Dhaivat                                Mendhak (Indian Name) Animal, Frog

Ni           Nishad                                   Hathi (Indian name)Animal, Elephant


So next time you see these animals, remember which Indian notes they produced!!! Interesting! One of those Amazing Facts that explains the origin of Indian Classical Music.  For further more information on this, there is loads of information on Google uploaded from the scriptures as well as the epics written on Origin Of Indian Classical Music.


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