Ratna Shah- School Anthem- When the Heart and Mind Unite!!!


FLAME OF KNOWLEDGE- School Anthem Written and Composed by me




Lead me to the world of Light from the dark

Oh! Flame of Knowledge

Let the prism of colours from white embark

Oh! Flame of knowledge


In Mind you would flow,

And Lead us to Glow,

Endlessly, treading

Oh! Flame of knowledge!


Let the noble deeds of human kind begin!

Learn humble words that soothe chagrin!

Lets stand tall and shine from within!

Leave the Mark of our virtues like a Levin!


In Mind you would flow,

And Lead us to Glow,

Endlessly, treading

Oh! Flame of knowledge!


Let the closed doors of our mind open!

Let it sail in the ocean of wisdom!

Fiercely Through hail and the storms of ocean!

Let the burning flame lead us to propugn!


In Mind you would flow,

And Lead us to Glow,

Endlessly, treading

Oh! Flame of knowledge!

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AshesToDust_HipHop fused with Indian Classical Tarana

This is the Most Innovative Project From Pune Hip-Hop! Completely a Fresh Approach Towards Rap.

I composed , produced, arranged the music, and mixed this. So loved composing it, then arranging music, and then writing the tarana vocals, and then mixing the music . Listen to it and enjoy. Cheers. Am really happy for this endeavour. Feels really satisfied.

Music composed,directed,arranged and mixed-mastered by-Ratna Shah
Classical tarana lyrics written by-Ratna Shah
Rap Vocals and Lyrics written by- Ayush Joshi , Rahul Nair
Female singer for classical tarana- Gayatri Kota
Male Singer for classical tarana- Nikhil Joshi
Recorded at -Realizations Media Pvt. Ltd.
Recording Engineer- Zameer Tamboli



HUM ZAMANE SE: This is my first Ghazal which I composed few months back.The tune came first and waited for few days or so for the lyrics to be completed. Finding the voice for it, and then finally completing the production, i have come a long way to compile this song. Listen to it and enjoy and do let me know how you like it!!! 🙂

Composition,Music orchestration and mixed mastered : Ratna Shah
Lyricist: Zainul Hassan Khan
Singer: Priyanka Barve
Recording Engineer: Swarup Joshi
Recorded at Swaradhish Recording Studio

Copyrights Reserved


हम ज़माने से, छुपी दास्ताँ, सुनाने आए,
चांदनी रात की वो, बरसात, भुलाने आए.

देखो ख़्वाबों के, महल थे, आँधियों में टूटे,
खोये टुकड़ों को (सूनी), गलियों से, उठाने आए.

लोग मशगूल हुए, हैं, कह रहे वक़्त कहाँ है,
वक़्त बे-वक़्त की ये …..दीवा…र गिराने आये.

ज़िन्दगी खुशनुमा रही तो खेल समझे हम,
आज बदली हैं लकीरें तो मिटाने आए.

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SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ratnashah